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Breaking News: Scott “The Freezer” Frost Collects Cold, Hard Cash
Posted by: SallyP on Friday, November 19, 2004 - 11:42 AM EST

Scott “The Freezer” Frost Collects Cold, Hard Cash

By Tom Martin, InsidePOOL Staff

ScottFrost527.jpgDay 3 of the BCA Pool League National Championships is complete, and late Thursday night, Arizona player Scott Frost won the six-man winner-takes-all ring game. Frost, Cliff Joyner, Shannon Daulton, Marco Marquez, Bobby Hunter, and Dave Hemmah were the six contestants in the $1,000-entry event.

There were three rounds of seven games, with the bet rising incrementally per round from $50 to $400. At the end of the third round, Frost, Hemmah, Daulton, and Marquez were still in it, but after three games at $400 a pop in the fourth round, o­nly Frost and Hemmah remained. Hemmah had $3,300 to Frost’s net of $2,700. It was decided that there would be o­ne more round of seven games at $400. Frost went o­n a rampage here, playing with the speed and confidence he is known for and winning the first six games to turn the tables and take a $5,100 to $900 lead. Capitalizing o­n a missed jump by Frost, Hemmah took the seventh game to increase his bankroll to $1,300.

At this point, however, the format changed to “all-in” mode, thus Hemmah had to win each game. Much to the consternation of the fans and players, however, the old-style push-out-at-anytime rule was enforced but came with the catch of either player having to make the target object ball the next shot or giving up ball in hand to the opponent. Hemmah had no shot after the break and chose to push, leaving a very tough rail-first spin in cut shot, which Frost quickly passed o­n. Realizing he had to make the ball or give up the cue ball, Hemmah spun the ball in, o­nly to see the ever-common result of the cue ball going straight down table into the corner pocket. Frost ran the table with ball in hand to capture the cash.

In the U.S. Open o­ne-Pocket tournament, o­nly eight players remain. Joyner, who defeated Richard Grenier 4-2 in o­ne of the best matches of the tournament, will face Marquez at high noon o­n Saturday. Marquez sent Flaco Rodriguez to the “B”-side of the board with a 4-1 drubbing. The other two winners’ side semifinalists that face off at noon are Shannon Daulton, who bested Ambler Stephenson by as score of 4-1, and Scott Frost, who dropped a 4-0 40-minute bomb o­n a shell-shocked Ronnie Allen. Allen then eliminated Wayne Pullen and will be up against Chicago’s Ike Runnels, who stayed alive by defeating Stephenson 4-0. The other match to decide 7-8th place is between Richard Grenier and Vince Tedesco, and also takes place at noon.

The open 10-ball and league scotch doubles 9-ball events are well underway and will continue through Friday. The three-player team championships for both the men’s and women’s divisions, as well as an open $175 entry bank tournament, are slated to begin Saturday and wrap up o­n Sunday afternoon.

Visit InsidePOOL for the latest from the BCA Pool League.

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Scott “The Freezer” Frost Collects Cold, Hard Cash | Login/Create an account | 3 Comments
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Re: Scott “The Freezer” Frost Collects Cold, Hard Cash (Score: 1)
by taliyah5 on Oct 02, 2010 - 07:25 PM
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Re: Scott “The Freezer” Frost Collects Cold, Hard Cash (Score: 1)
by taliyah5 on Oct 08, 2010 - 11:49 AM
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Re: Scott “The Freezer” Frost Collects Cold, Hard Cash (Score: 1)
by dominiqu on Dec 02, 2010 - 08:39 AM
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