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Breaking News: Windy city Open Results
Posted by: editor on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 - 07:34 PM EST

reference.jpg In the inaugural year of what could be the Midwest's and amateur's answer to the Derby City Classic (also this week), over 225 men and 76 women came to battle it out for cash in this "No Pros Allowed" event. The event consisted of four tournaments where there were Women's and Men's divisions of both 8-Ball and 9-Ball. Tammie Jones dominated the Women's field in both events by capturing both titles. Jesse Bowman gained top honors in the Men's 8-Ball while Lanny Charles took home the top spot in the Men's 9-Ball.

Windy City Open Men's 8-Ball Results

Over 180 men competed in this event, coming as far away as Alaska for a shot at the $25,000 total payout. Jesse Bowman (IL) takes home $5,000, plus a free trip for two to Hollywood to see the premier of Pool Hall Junkies. A players' auction was also held, with $2,600 being paid out o­n Jesse, who was selected via a $400 wildcard. Player/Team Place

Jesse Bowman 1st

Tom Spencer 2nd  

Bill Kirchner 3rd

Scott Toleffson 4th  

Rob Mattson 5th/6th

Carlos Santos 5th/6th

James Baraks 7th/8th

Tom Hernandez 7th/8th

Eric Hjorkliefson 9th/12th

Darrin Rhodes 9th/12th

Steve Hayes 9th/12th

Don Branson 13th/16th

Eddie Balbaras 13th/16th

Mike Bandy 13th/16th

Duane Tuula 13th/16th

Randy Lamar 17th/24th

Tom Kilborn 17th/24th

Trick Sixty 17th/24th

Rob Nelson 17th/24th

 Sergio Perez 17th/24th

Jim Richards 17th/24th

Mark Pratico 17th/24th

Chad Warzeka 17th/24th

John Brannon 25th/32nd

Gordy Vanderveer 25th/32nd  

John Sondelski 25th/32nd  

Lee Heuwagon 25th/32nd

Chad Hefke 25th/32nd

Rory Hendrickson 25th/32nd

Jason LaFleur 25th/32nd  

Miles Geringer 25th/32nd

John Rotzelnick 33rd/48th

Jamie Bowman 33rd/48th

Mike Fieldhammer 33rd/48th  

Keith Svitaneck 33rd/48th

Dwaine Bowman 33rd/48th

Duncan Kaufman 33rd/48th

Tom Alvey 33rd/48th

Aaron Painter 33rd/48th

Andres Uribe 33rd/48th

Tom Bauer 33rd/48th

Trevor Nicholson 33rd/48th

Bob Romano 33rd/48th  

Mike Eck 33rd/48th

Adam Smith 33rd/48th

Billy Jones 33rd/48th

Bob Garibay 33rd/48th



Women's Windy City 8-Ball Results

76 women competed in this event for a total payout of $5,440. Tammie Jones of Muncie, Indiana takes first place over Christine Glass of St. Paul, Minnesota. Neither of these women are rookies, with Tammie Jones being the 2000 BCA Womens Masters Singles Champion, and Chris Glass, o­ne of the Upper Midwest's most dominant players of the past decade and returning to her old form. Player/Team Place 

Tammie Jones 1st  

Christine Glass 2nd

Mary Costello 3rd

Pam Bell 4th

Amy Latzko 5th/6th

Joyce Borbin 5th/6th

Deb Winter 7th/8th

Debbie Martin 7th/8th

Jackie Bradhurst 7th/8th

Tina Larsen 9th/12th

Sue Leonard 9th/12th

Connie Hollar 9th/12th

Angie Payne 13th/16th

Connie O'Herson 13th/16th

Joanie Schulenberg 13th/16th

Marti Lamar 13th/16th

Tracy D'Andrea 17th/24th

Jolene Herum 17th/24th

Janet Domabyl 17th/24th

Katrina Lyman 17th/24th

Linda Cruz 17th/24th  

Tina Maraglio 17th/24th

Angie Hollar 17th/24th

Danielle Barr 17th/24th

  WindyCity Open 9-Ball Results

 127 men competed in the 9-Ball division with a total purse of $3,800. Player/Team Place

Lanny Charles 1st

Jamie Wilson 2nd

Chad Warzeka 3rd  

Mark Pratico 4th

Sergio Perez 5th/6th

Don Branson 5th/6th

Randy Lamar 7th/8th

Rob Mattson 7th/8th

Simon Pickering 9th/12th    

Mike Bandy 9th/12th  

Rory Hendrickson 9th/12th

Jeff Sargent 9th/12th

Mike Moran 13th/16th

Adam Smith 13th/16th

Stan Tourangeau 13th/16th

Lee Heuwagon 13th/16th

Duncan Kaufman 17th/24th

Bob Hoehle 17th/24th

Tom Kilborn 17th/24th

Ike Runnels 17th/24th

Henry Brodt 17th/24th

Miles Geringer 17th/24th

Carlos Santos 17th/24th

J esse Bowman 17th/24th

Tony Villasenor 25th/32nd

Claude Spence 25th/32nd

Ritchie Idrovo 25th/32nd

Dave Caprini 25th/32nd

Derek McMaster 25th/32nd

Todd Fester 25th/32nd

Steve Hayes 25th/32nd

Jim Engels 25th/32nd

  Windy City Open Women's 9-Ball Results

31 women competed in the 9-Ball division with a total purse of $1,020. Tammie Jones (IN) takes first place honors over Tina Larsen (IL), taking home $350 in cash. Player/Team Place

Tammie Jones 1st  

Tina Larsen 2nd

Pam Bell 3rd

Simone Huskey 4th

Martina Scott 5th/6th

Janet Domabyl 5th/6th

Julie Gabriel 7th/8th

Chris Glass 7th/8th

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