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09/16/07 01:11 PM
Re: philippine cues


I have not seen one up close. I would think, considering how popular pool is over there, that there are probably some very nice cues being made over there. I like the Triangle tips, and the fact that they are using them tells me they are thinking quality, at least with the tips. It's quite possible they are some pretty good cues.

On the contrary, there are only a few good cue makers in the Philippines. There have been reports regarding the Philippines cues on ebay warping when they reach other countries. Others say that they only look good but play really bad.

One of the known Philippine cue makers is VIATTORRE CUSTOM CUES. I've own a complete set of Viattorre's myself and I must say that their craftsmanship is superb and, most importantly, their cues have good playability no matter how simple nor intricate the designs are. Some people say that Viattorre's playability is comparable to other top cue makers such as Southwest and Bender. They also have a wide array of exotic woods (I even have some that I have never seen used by any cue maker). Unfortunately, they've decided to retire last June `07.

Other known Filipino cue makers are Linds, Hadj, Jazz, Edwin Reyes, and Al Bautista.

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